Saving Moses


The mission of Saving Moses is to provide life, genuine love and a future to babies and toddlers where the need is most urgent and the care is least available.

Joyful Noise Drum Company has been a financial donor to Saving Moses (f/k/a World Child) since 2006. Here are some of the milestones Saving Moses has seen over the years.

{tab 2018} Saving Moses

  • Partnered with a clinic in the Democratic Republic of Congo to begin a Malnutrition Feeding program... providing therapeutic milk and porridge to malnourished babies and toddlers. 56 babies admitted for malnutrition, 50 babies cured, 220 admitted to the outpatient clinic, and 15 orphans cared for in our 12-month program.
  • In Angola, 4,289 babies cured of malnutrition, 311 withdrawn, 328 deceased.
  • Our five NightCare centers in Cambodia saw 275 babies in attendance.
  • The new NightCare center in Bangladesh had 37 new babies admitted with 41 total babies in attendance.
  • In Afghanistan, our community center saw 90 babies born safely in midwife clinics and 57 babies born safely in the community. In additon, we vaccinated 1,989 pregnant women.

{tab 2017} Saving Moses

  • Traveled to Bangladesh to visit with sex worker communities and speak with them about their babies and toddlers.
  • Found perfect location for NightCare in Bangladesh, hired and trained staff, purchased supplies for center, and spread the word throughout the community.
  • Opened fifth NightCare Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • 2,910 babies saved from acute malnutrition in Angola.
  • 238 babies born safely in Afghanistan.
  • 352 babies protected from the sex industry in Cambodia.
  • Responded to the Rohingha refugee crisis after violence in Myanmar caused by a mass exodus of the minority ethnic group. Over 800,000 Rohingya, mostly women and children, crossed the Bangladesh border to escape impending genocide. Provided nutritional support for 4,000 babies and toddlers.

{tab 2016} Angola Malnutrition Feeding

  • NightCare Centers in Cambodia provided loving shelter and care to 207 new babies and toddlers of sex workers over-night when they are most vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Administered therapeutic milk to babies in Angola, Africa with severe acute malnutrition who are at risk of starvation.
  • Worked with rural clinics in Afghanistan to holistically address the highest infant mortality rate in the world by providing skilled midwives, postnatal vaccinations, and teaching birth life-saving skills. 395 babies were safely born!
  • Responded to the devastation, violence, and chaos of Syria. Because of the tremendous response from donors, Saving Moses was able to grant $50,000 to a partner organization working on the ground to deliver nourishment support for babies under two trapped in the horrific war zone.

{tab 2015} 2015 Belito Age Five Malnutrition Survivor

  • Opened 4th NightCare Center in Phnom Penh.
  • Started providing funding for midwives and vaccinations in rural Afghanistan.
  • Provided funding for baby specific needs to Nepal after the horrific earthquake.
  • Took second team trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • Increased the number of babies and toddlers who participate in our NightCare work in Cambodia.
  • Maintained our steady supply of malnutrition formula every day for our six malnutrition clinics in Angola.
  • Started to work in rural Afghanistan to immunize babies (Afghanistan consistently has the world’s highes recorded infant mortality rate for more than five consecutive years).
  • Became a registered national charity in Cambodia to facilitate greater expansion.
  • Researched possible countries in which to expand our efforts, including Brazil, Somalia and India.

{tab 2014} 2014 Cambodia Team Trip

  • Opened 2nd and 3rd NightCare® center in Phnom Penh
  • NightCare® centers reach close to 90 babies with an average of 60 per night
  • Took our first team trip to Cambodia
  • Provided Ebola orphans in Liberia and Sierra Leone with tangible care
  • Saved over 2,000 babies in Angola

{tab 2013} 2013 Cambodia Sarah and Ravi Night Care

  • Fed over 300 babies each month in Angola
  • First NightCare® grew to 20 babies nightly

{tab 2012} 2012 Angola Malnutrition Feeding

  • Saving Moses becomes its own 501c3
  • Opened first NightCare® center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Met 3-month-old Ravy who regularly attends NightCare®; Ravy attends to this day

{tab 2011} 2011 Cambodia

  • Traveled to Angola and met Desorae...a baby saved by therapeutic feeding Desorae is alive and well today.

{tab 2010} 2010 Angola Belito

  • Started Angola feeding program