There have been many people who have contributed to helping us realize this vision, because nothing truly great has ever been accomplished alone.

John Aldridge, Reece and Sarah Bowling, Don Corder, Andy Goodnow, Tim Kae, Jack Lawton, Charlie Lockhart, Wally Sedlacek, Shelley Cruze, and Judy Waltrip (Mom).

To my fellow collectors, Bill Pace, Matt Wille, Rob Cook, Terry Keating, Mike Curotto, Doug Carrington, Brian Sweetman, Jorma Mikkeli, John Lundberg, Todd Remy, Billy Jeansomme, you have all inspired me to go after a dream that has come true! Thank you for encouraging me to pursue building the finest drums in the world!

Judy Waltrip (Mom)

Judy Waltrip

In Memory of Judy Waltrip 1939-2005

Mom grew up in what was former East Germany and enjoyed a childhood filled with love and adoration. Although World War II did not leave much for any of the children of her time, Mom found the time and resources to create. She was always building something, or critically evaluating her surroundings. Mom grew up to pioneer the Aerospace Engineering Industry, as the first women to lead key commercial, defense, and space program design efforts. Over her 40-year career in the industry, she worked on virtually every noteworthy aircraft and aerospace project, including the early NASA space program and space shuttle efforts. Her contributions were worldwide and unparalleled in the industry, but her greatest gift was her love to me. Mom, thank you for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself! I love and miss you!